Portrait Photography

A puppeteer in his workshop holding one of his creations.Slam poet standing by bathroom door of performance venue, confidently looking at the camera.Legal professional in a mock courtroom, looking at the camera.Lawn care worker holding hedge trimmer and wearing camo pants and hat, looking at the camera.A puppeteer at a desk in his workshop, looking at the camera.A puppeteer standing in front of red lockers, holding a puppet.A young woman in business attire posing confidently in downtown Atlanta, GA.A young man holding his phone and sitting on a low wall in Woodruff Park, Atlanta, GA.A security guard sitting in a folding chair asleep at his post with the door ajar.A man with grey hair in the woods holding an SLR camera.Rock and roll violinist against a red wall with amps and speakers behind him.Man with shaggy beard and coveralls sitting on a stool in a distillery.